Frequent Asked Questions

When is the best time to apply to Villa Maria?
It is best to apply from September through February for the following year. Villa Maria works on a rolling admissions basis so you can apply at any time. However, priority is given to students who have applied earlier in the year.
Do you have professionals, such as Speech and Language therapists and Occupational Therapists?
Yes, we have a social worker, school nurse and speech and language therapists on staff. An occupational therapist is available at a private fee. In September, parents meet with their child’s teacher and together they determine how to adjust the student’s schedule to establish times and days for therapy sessions.
How are students grouped for instruction?
Students are grouped by ability for reading, writing, and math. For example, if you are a fourth grader reading on a 3.5 grade level, you will generally be grouped with other fourth graders working on approximately the same level. For other subjects, such as social studies and science, students are group by grade level. This will enable students to keep up with the curriculum and standards in their public school.
What kinds of students does Villa Maria serve?

Our students have been diagnosed with language processing disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities and executive functioning difficulties. They may struggle with organizational, social pragmatic, expressive language or reading comprehension skills.

Do you have a socials skills program?
Yes, our social worker runs a class with each grade level to teach and refine social skills.
How long do most students stay at Villa Maria School?
Villa Maria is a transition school. Most students stay from two to three years and then return to public school or to an independent private school. A number will stay for a shorter or longer period of time based on their individual needs.
Is Villa Maria a state approved school?
Yes, Villa Maria is a state approved special education school. In addition, we are accredited by the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools.
Are all of your teachers certified by the state of Connecticut?
Yes, as a state approved special education facility, they are required to be fully certified. In addition, most teachers have Master’s Degrees and have completed advanced graduate studies.


If you have any questions, please call us at 203-322-5886, extension 104.