Maximilian (Max) Burke 2008 – 2011

Max attended Villa Maria in Grades 3, 4, and 5. Following his three years here, his family moved to Monterey, California.

In November of his first year in a new school, his father emailed me: “Max received such a great report and high grades at Santa Catalina during the first marking period this year. The staff is very happy to have him as a part of his class and the community. It was commented on by all that Max benefited greatly by attending Villa Maria. I am sure you have heard this before, but we can’t begin to express our gratitude for all that you and Villa did to support Max, our family and the greater Villa community. Catalina is the perfect transition for Max. He is such a diligent student.”

He graduated from Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School with honors. Max ended his freshman year at York, a college preparatory school, on the honor roll, and his sophomore year is off to a great start. He is taking a challenging course load that includes Latin 2, chemistry and Algebra 2 and plays on the soccer team. He achieved the highest rank in Scouting by becoming an Eagle Scout in April of 2016.

This past spring, Max earned his Boy Scout Eagle rank and is the Senior Patrol Leader of his Troop. Below is a link to a short video of a presentation Max gave to his class a couple of months ago. Max did not prepare this presentation at home, nor, it Max fashion, did he let his parents know he was doing this presentation until they saw this video, after the fact. This is proof positive of the life changing impact Villa provided to Max, and I am sure you will agree when you see it.