It’s February and We Are Thinking about Kindness at Villa Maria – February 2020

Feb 4, 2020 | 0 comments

We are excited today as we will be welcoming Congressman Himes to Villa Maria. We answered his call for ‘Valentines for Veterans’ and have been busily making Valentines that we will present to him at a mid-morning assembly. It is an initiative that has allowed us to talk with our students about the men and women in uniform who protect our country and often are in harm’s way. One of our students was easily able to share the branches of services with us at a morning meeting as we discussed why it was important to remember our service people at this special time of year … Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guards, National Guard. As one of our youngest students wrote on the Valentine card he created, “Dearest Veterans, Thank you for protecting our world!” Thanks to our amazing teachers, all of the cards show that they have helped our young people understand the importance of recognizing our Veterans and have captured those sentiments in their kind and on target messages that will be sent to veterans serving here in the USA and all over the world.

Somehow, as the world’s pace has increased over the years, kindness to others is often forgotten. Remembering to say Thank You, to smile at those we meet, or to offer a helping hand to someone in need seems to happen less and less frequently.

This month, at Villa Maria, we are focusing on kindness and talking a lot about how we can be kind to others. These discussions are not meant to be something we do just in February, but rather a time to talk about caring about others in our world, even those who might not be our friends or family. Captain Kindness from Planet Kindness visited us today during our morning meeting and some of our students joined him in a wonderful skit that launched our month of talking about and doing those things that will make others in our school world feel that others care about them.
We do many things at Villa to help our children realize they can make a difference to others by kind acts. This year, our Thanksgiving food collection, the mitten tree, and our fundraiser for the people in Puerto Rico who weathered an earthquake were all acts of kindness that affected the world outside our school. This month, we will focus on the simple acts of kindness students can do at school to help others to feel supported and make our school an even kinder place. Each day we will suggest some simple acts of kindness that they might do such as:

  • Encourage someone who is not winning a game
  • Compliment a classmate
  • Share something with someone
  • Invite someone to play or hang out with them
  • Stand up for someone who is being teased
  • Smile at everyone they see
  • Ask if someone needs help
  • Let someone else go first
  • Invite someone new to sit next to them at lunch

We hope that with this encouragement, each of our students will become aware of how greatly others are touched by a simple act of kindness. We encourage you to do the same at home and guide your child to do those simple things that will make your home a kinder, gentler place as well. It is so important that we, as the adults in their lives model that for them whenever we can. Surely, we at Villa can make the world a better place!


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