Why Villa Maria

At Villa Maria, we are dedicated to developing the full potential of students who are learning disabled. We accomplish this by providing a very specialized, highly individualized and ultra-supportive learning environment—designed specifically to help children who learn differently.

Personalized Education

Students receive individualized attention in small classes averaging just four students per teacher. Everyone is known and everyone is embraced for who they are and how they learn.

Students Find Success

Our students learn skills and strategies to build their independence as a learner.

Structured Environment

Our highly structured classroom learning environment improves opportunities for success, while our campus facilities provide for arts, athletics, sciences, and social-emotional development.

Social Development

Lessons of kindness, respect, integrity and compassion are integrated into everything we do as part of the Villa Maria curriculum. Social skills are explicitly taught to all students to support their social pragmatic skills.

Quality Teaching

All of our faculty are certified, dedicated, creative and professional, employing innovative and effective teaching and learning strategies

Multisensory Approach

Engaging lessons are taught using multisensory instruction to facilitate learning according to their specific learning style.

Parent Communication

We view parents as partners in the education of their children, and we value their support and participation. We stress parent-teacher communication as a vital component of the Villa Maria education.


Our Villa Maria community is a close-knit family where we foster students to become the best and brightest version of themselves.