Admissions Process

We’re excited to connect with you! Our goal is to ensure a seamless admissions process. Any questions? Email Admissions.

Our goal throughout the admissions process is to get to know your child and your family as a whole. Many of our students have struggled in traditional school settings and may not have been fully understood and accepted. We approach the admissions process thoughtfully and thoroughly to ensure a strong fit between the child and our program. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your child soon. Also, feel free to browse our admissions brochure.

Step one

initial inquiry

Families are encouraged to begin the admissions process by calling the school and speaking with the Director of Admissions. This preliminary phone call will allow the family to learn more about the school and start to determine if it would be an appropriate placement for their child.

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Step two

submit application

An admissions application must be submitted online. The application includes a current neuropsychological and psychological evaluation, teacher or specialist recommendation form, current IEP, school transcripts and report cards (if applicable) and a recent photograph.

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Step three

Come for a visit

Designed for families, your visit will include informal assessment and an interview for your child. At the same time, parent(s) will interview with the Head of School.

Step 4

Student Shadow Day

If all parties agree the student could be a good fit for the program, there will be a shadow day. On the day, the applicant will be matched up with a current student and move through their schedule for the day. They may participate in a brief interview with an instructional faculty member during this visit.

Step 5

application approval

All prior steps lead to a formal admission decision. Acceptance is determined on a rolling basis. Parents will be notified of the Admissions Committee’s decision within two weeks of your child’s shadow day.

villa maria showcase

Watch our panel discussion hosted by Special Education Legal Fund and learn more about our school!

financial aid

Villa realizes that families are making a significant commitment to send their children to our school. We strive to make it possible for students to attend our school regardless of their family’s financial resources. Admissions decisions are made independent of financial need.

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need help?

Have any questions? Contact Elise Brody, Director of Admissions, at 203-322-5886, ext 104 or email admissions@villamariaschool.org.

Admissions Brochure

Our admissions brochure is a valuable tool to help you explore the opportunities and offerings we provide. We encourage you to take a look and embark on your journey to discover all that Villa Maria School has to offer.

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  • "I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate everything you have all done throughout this year. The progress our child has made in each course, the confidence and self esteem gained with the support and guidance of each of you as well as collectively as a team of teachers, has exceeded all my expectations!"
    happy villa parent
  • “Villa transformed our son's life. As a student with apraxia of speech, an auditory processing disorder and a significant learning disability, our son has blossomed. The school's structure, including small class sizes and tailored academic and support programs, combined with strong leadership, has profoundly influenced his academic, social, and emotional growth. Villa provides a secure haven for diverse learners like our son, fostering a true sense of community. Despite a long commute, he eagerly anticipates school each day, fully engaged in the Villa community. The school excels in involving parents, with student events and regular meetings with leadership. We can't emphasize enough the positive impact Villa Maria School has had on our son and on us as parents.”
    happy villa parent
  • "My son joined Villa's extended school year program last summer and his transition was seamless. Within days, he felt welcomed, understood, and supported by teachers and staff. Unlike his overwhelming past experiences, the small class size, OG trained teachers, and like-minded classmates at Villa Maria have led to his remarkable progress. The IEP goals are focused, progress is well-documented, and collaborative communication ensures his ongoing success. Sending him to Villa Maria School brings me joy, knowing he's thriving in a supportive environment. Being part of Villa is life-changing, and I hope more students can experience its transformative impact."
    happy villa parent
  • Villa has been the best place for my child. He has made tremendous strides, especially socially and emotionally. He has become extremely self aware and made phenomenal progress. Academically, he couldn't be doing better. His ability to manage himself and thrive is incredible.
    happy villa parent