Our Library

The Villa library has over 8,000 volumes consisting of non-fiction, fiction, biography, reference, periodical and audio/visual materials that support the curriculum and interests of the students. The books are color coded, that is, each book contains a color strip that indicates the reading level. There is a link to the catalog here on our website. This allows parents, as well as teachers and students, to peruse our collection and reserve books from home.

The students frequent the library with their reading teachers once a week to check out books for leisurely reading. Other teachers might bring their students down to the library if they are working on a particular unit and need to reference books. For example, if they are learning about habitats in science, their science teacher might bring them to the library to do some research and/or take out a book on that particular habitat.

All of our students are encouraged to check out books regularly for leisure reading.
Throughout the year students participate in reading challenges and activities which include “Drop Everything and Read” and “Dress Up As Your Favorite Book Character”.The Storytelling Festival that takes place at the end of the year, is another opportunity for students to come and choose a fable, fairy tale, etc.