Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

At Villa Maria, Occupational Therapy is a service that is available for students and is provided onsite by the staff occupational therapist. Kathy Mak. Her role is to facilitate a student’s ability to participate in the full scope of activities within the school setting. This includes tasks such as the ability to perform fine motor tasks (e.g. hold a pencil, write, manage scissors, keyboarding), manage school related self-care tasks, participate in physical education and recess activities, develop executive skills such as organizational/problem solving skills, and to regulate one’s behavior throughout the school day.

Our occupational therapist is available to provide a number of valuable services such as direct one-to-one therapy, group therapy, parent and educational staff consultations, and in classroom therapy. Mrs. Mak does consult with teachers to recommend accommodations for specific students in the classroom. In addition, training is provided to Villa Maria staff and parents.

Villa Maria’s occupational therapy program is committed to providing state of the art therapy, which includes access to sensory integration equipment, individual student screenings, fine motor/handwriting therapy, as well as other therapies. Some of the special programs offered include: therapeutic listening, interactive metronome, executive function skills training and a variety of computer based programs aimed at improving memory, attention, processing speed and problem solving.

Individual and small group, direct occupational therapy at Villa Maria is not included in a child’s tuition. Mrs. Mak accepts a number of insurance plans to make the service more affordable and accessible to our students’ families. When school districts wish to have a student receive occupational therapy during school hours, this is provided by Mrs. Mak.

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