Our Program

Teaching and Learning as Unique as Every Child

Villa Maria is designed to encourage meaningful relationships and promote life-long learning through skill development. Our students find success and confidence by engaging in meaningful work. Our curriculum is skills focused and individualized to meet the needs of each student.

Key to the development of each student is the focus on assessment-based remediation, a skill-based curriculum, an expert faculty, an emphasis on social-emotional development, and a supportive learning community.

4:1 Average Ratio

Our average classroom has four students working collaboratively in an safe setting with one teacher. Students benefit from a small class environment by having close proximity to the teacher that allows for frequent check-ins, modeling and explicit instruction by the teacher, while continually reinforcing self confidence, positive reinforcement and supporting independence.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers at Villa Maria School are state-certified in special education and participate in continued professional development focusing on best practices and latest research. They are knowledgeable, creative, and compassionate professionals. They are sensitive to the various learning styles of our students and differentiate instruction within the classroom. They challenge students, emphasizing the mastery of reading, writing and mathematics skills, while also providing a nurturing, supportive environment in which students can learn and succeed.

A Multisensory and Innovative Approach

Teachers create learning experiences that allow students to achieve their full potential and demonstrate their ability in a variety of ways. In small classes, typically four students with one teacher, students are encouraged to become active, engaged learners – whether it’s a 1st grader leaping from number to number to add or subtract, or a 6th grader using a “graphic organizer” to visually outline a book report.

Parents as Partners

At Villa Maria, we view parents as partners in the education of their children, and we value their support and participation. We stress parent-teacher communication as a vital component of the Villa Maria education.

Student Learning and Support Plan (SLSP)

Every student at Villa Maria has a Student Learning and Support Plan (SLSP) written by his or her team of teachers and integrated service providers to address that student’s specific strengths and needs. The SLSP is a living document and sets out the student’s individualized goals for the year. It is reviewed with parents at the beginning of the year. Progress reports are provided in the middle and end of year and are based on the SLSP.


Assessment is multifaceted and continuous. Through both informal and formal assessments, teachers are continually gathering data about their students’ strengths, weaknesses and progress and using this information to guide their instruction.