Physical Education

Physical Education

Our physical education program has a primary focus on team building and cooperation. This is accomplished through both independent and group fitness based activities. Some of those activities include: basketball, yoga, cross-fit, soccer and footskills, obstacles course challenges, building full body strength and agility, and more.

Health, Wellness and Safety

The Villa Maria health, wellness and safety curriculum is a collaborative effort between our school nurse, physical education teacher and counseling staff. Our program encourages students to understand the importance of good health, safe habits and skills necessary to live a healthy and active life. The curriculum provides a helpful framework for implementing habits in and outside of school.

During the school year, students participate in a wide variety of health programs—focusing on nutrition, a healthy diet, the importance of exercise and its role in maintaining good health, protection from the sun, personal responsibility, hygiene, disease prevention, environmental safety, respect for self and others, and making positive choices. Villa is enthusiastic to lay the foundation for a healthier generation with family support.

Help connect children to nature and encourage them to become more responsible stewards of the environment and the planet.