Student Activities

Student Activities

Villa Maria students take part in a wide range of activities, making possible a full and active education. High levels of student involvement are one of the reasons why Villa Maria students are so well-rounded, and so well prepared to take on whatever opportunities or challenges come their way. We currently partner with Bartlett Arboretum who provides instruction that helps connect children to nature in a hands-on and practical way, thereby encouraging them to become more responsible stewards of the environment and the planet.  Read about Villa’s sunflower project in the link below.

Villa Maria Sunflower Project

Student Government

At Villa Maria, everyone has a voice and plays an important role in student government. All students at Villa Maria are members of the Student Council and take part in planning and producing Council-sponsored activities. Officers are elected from among the eighth and ninth graders, and a representative is elected from each homeroom. The Student Council works for the betterment of Villa Maria, sponsoring fundraising activities and helping to support and maintain school spirit and school rules.

Community Service

Throughout the year, students at Villa Maria participate in community service designed to increase their awareness of local, national, and global situations. Our students participate in a wide range of activities – from visits with members of a local retirement community; to fundraisers for select charities, such as the American Heart Association and the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank; to supporting the work of missionaries in Third-World countries. Our students are involved in service, and they are growing as engaged citizens and caring leaders.

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Field Trips

Villa Maria offers regular in-house and off-site excursions as an integral part of the curriculum. These programs allow students to enjoy experiences that could not be adequately provided in a classroom environment. Excursions are always geared to curriculum content and learning level of the students.